Mik Phil

Mik is an Arkansas native with a passion for Dragonstaff, Contact Staff, Poi, And Fire Performance. Mik has done many professional performances with Arkansas Circus Arts and most recently relocated to Nashville, TN where he performs with Beyond Wings! In addition to performing, Mik has a special gift for teaching Flow Arts and has travelled the country teaching at festivals and flow gatherings!

Scott Van Sice

MasterPeace consists of Scott VanSice and Carla Samson, who are circus and performance artists who thrill audiences with partner acrobatics, fire/LED prop manipulation, and partner adagio dance. MasterPeace was created through exploring the trust that stems from deep trust, connection and love with another. They offer partner acrobatic workshops around the US hoping to inspire others in exploring divine playfulness.


Ben "Drex" Drexler is a world-renowned movement artist, circus performer, and dancer who has spent the past eight years teaching and performing the art of poi spinning. DrexFactor is a series of projects Drex has created with the goal of providing the resources to grow and diversify the artform throughout the world by offering quality equipment, educational resources, and entertainment content to the poi world.


Elektra has been studying as a belly dancer in Paducah, Ky since the age of 16, performing traditional oriental belly dance and tribal fusion both locally and across state lines as a member of Zerdali Dancers, co-founder/lead choreographer of Akasha Dance Company, and founder/director of Atomic City Belly Dance. Over the years she discovered a deep passion for many other styles of dance, music, and choreography; and is constantly challenging herself to further develop her craft to become a better performer and instructor. Her style is influenced by her training in ballet, jazz (cabaret), hip hop and Bharatanatyam (classical Indian dance) creating an ardent and earthy flair that is uniquely her own. She began her journey as an instructor in 2009 under the loving tutelage of her dance mother/mentor, Ligaya. As an instructor she focuses on helping students develop a strong foundation in belly dance technique and stage presence while having fun, gaining confidence. Her love of dance motivates her every move in life.

Bonnie "Juice" MacDougall

Bonnie “Juice” MacDougall of Havenhoopdance, began hooping in 2002 on the Weaver St. Market lawn in Carrboro, NC after an injury left her unable to continue her intensive running regimen. She has never looked back. Bonnie began teaching weekly hoop dance classes in 2009, all the while weaving in well over 20 years of various instruction techniques. Her practice is nourished with meditative movement as well as technical hoop artistry, and an abundance of dance. Bonnie’s style is dance based, blurring the line between who is in “control” the hoop or the hooper. She currently lives in Carrboro and teaches weekly classes at the world renowned Flowjo.

Jeremiah "Coach" J

Jeremiah Jacobs, known affectionately as “Coach” by most, is a 22 year old traveling instructor and performer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Always a lover of fire, he became inspired to start spinning fire at age 11 after seeing it in a movie. While he started with poi, his ongoing favorite, Coach now spins all the props he can get his hands on. His goal is to push the boundaries of each prop while inspiring others to do the same. A seasoned teacher of 8 years, he truly loves the art of instruction, which is where he finds his ultimate flow. Coach has taught at dozens of flow festivals all across the country and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you.

Michael Moxie

Michael Moxie is a magician, juggler, fire performer, stilt-walker, and balloon animal artist with over 20 years of experience as a performer and instructor. He began performing as a juggler and magician with a small, circus-themed, traveling performance troupe when he was eight years old. When he was ten, he taught his first juggling workshop at Eastern Illinois University for a Recreation Studies course. Currently, Michael Moxie is a full time performer and instructor.

Khristina Hawks, Ninja Pyrate

Krisstina Hawks is a nominee for “Instructor of the Year, 2016” by FAI. She is the co-founder of Ninja Pyrate, The Floasis Brooklyn, and The Floasis Atlanta. Teaching has become an integral part of her life and one of her most fulfilling practices. At festivals you can always approach her at the Ninja Pyrate booth to learn something new, not limited to class times. She continues to build a library of online tutorials featuring not only herself, but as many talented ninjas as she can round up. She feels it is her civic duty to save you years of trial and error, taking you from beginner to intermediate/advanced efficiently so that you can sooner discover the joy that comes with freedom of movement.

Ted Mlotek

Ted Mlotek found his passion for flow in the early 90's while studying jui jitsu and playing hacky sack. He got his act together and earned a chiropractic degree by Dec 99 and has been in practice since June of 2000. During that time period He began the study of capoeira and lead a group in the city of Peoria for 8 years. He found his way to the fire arts from one of his fellow capoeistras. He began spinning poi and enjoyed it immensely. About 3 years ago he picked up a staff and felt like he found his long lost twin. After a year he decided to learn to keep two moving.. So like giant crochet needles weilded by a hobbit, he spends his spare time weaving the fire hydrant of information accumulated over the years into one coherent flow


Emilio Vallecillo is a professional fighter who began training in various mixed martial arts when he was 19. He has participated and been instructed in several disciplines including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, wrestling, Savate, and Kyokushin Karate. He has trained across Louisville in various schools and has trained at the prestigious American Top Team in Florida. Thus far, he has attained the rank of blue belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and as served as an assistant instructor at the Louisville Combat Academy in Louisville. Ultimately, he wishes to spread knowledge to whomever is willing to receive it.

Skiffle, Ninja Pyrate

Jeffrey Skiffle has been practicing the art of flow for six years. As Co-Owner of Ninja Pyrate, where he designs and manufactures high quality flow props for the international flow community. Skiffle includes daily flow training in his discipline of working and playing hard - focusing primarily on contact staff and fitness. He has been teaching for 5 years, as cofounder of both the Brooklyn Floasis and the Floasis Atlanta, as well as at festivals across the US. It is Skiffle’s belief that one must fail many many times before success, so to succeed one must get out there and start failing!

Lynn Spencer Nelson

Based in Indiana, Lynn Spencer-Nelson has been teaching, performing and traveling since 2008. Hooping has evolved from a meditative space and her passion for the hoop begins with its ability to transform, strengthen and support. Her workshops and classes all come from the love of creating the experience of process for students and the empowerment of imagination, individuality and community.

Mufasa Lee

Austin “Mufasa” Lee, is flow and movement meditation artist and instructor from St. Louis, MO. He has been engulfed in the arts of movement the majority of his life. Specifically pertaining to prop manipulation, he’s experienced in the arts of poi, hoop dance, hoop tech, double staff, fans, and more recently ball & hoop juggling. His introduction to the arts was one of a rather misfortunate time in his life, but through the application of consistent practice and determination, this once seemingly childlike expression of movement became a source of meditation and release. Astounded by the level of appreciation and interest received by friends, family, and bystanders over the years, Mufasa began teaching his methods of movement meditation over 3 years ago. His workshops expand upon concepts and images that are readily identifiable to most, and are comprised of a series of simpler motions that when combined expose a greater idea to better ensure the learning process is free of stress and frustration. He’s a firm believer of having a visual understanding of patterns and movements before applying them physically.

Kitana Louise

Kitana is a classically trained vocalist, punk rocker, and soul stripper. She's a versatile showgirl, singing, dancing, acting, and modeling across the country and TV screen. She is a featured entertainer at the legendary Skull's Rainbow Room in Nashville, TN and dance instructor at Delinquent Debutantes.

Kinetic Kristen

Kinetic Kristen slings hula hoops, rides & wrangles a Cyr wheel; flipping, kicking, and bending her way through every performance. This spunky sprite ran away with the real circus, performing as a professional circus artist across the US and Canada on a regular basis since 2010. Kristen graduated from the New England Center for Circus Arts in 2014, majoring in Roue Cyr and a minor in Acrobatics and Flexibility. When not performing, she spreads the circus love by teaching at Nashville’s Delinquent Debutantes studio and other spots around the country. Infamous for overtly imbibing in caffeine and rock ‘n’ roll, Kinetic Kristen imbues her acts with perfectly curated soundtracks, fierceness worthy of a mythical warrior, and moves to make you say, “What. The. F*%^!”

Logan Goethe

Logan is a seasoned juggler of humble southern origins. Having begun his juggling career in 2011 after a brief love affair with various flow arts, his pursuit of the perfect toss still shows no signs of slowing. He has pursued excellence in object manipulation, stilts, slackline, and the object of his greatest passion: fire juggling. His pursuits found him teaching and performing extensively in the United States, New Zealand, and Central America, and at such esteemed festivals as PacFire, Spun Out, IJA, and many more! He has won awards for the Best Juggling Performance at the Central American Clown Convention and holds a strong claim to the contested title of "Tallest Fire Juggler in the World" that he doesn't like to talk about. Above all, Logan endeavors to spread the joy of juggling and the loving community of object manipulation to all those who might also find within it meaning, acceptance, and a loving embrace.


In early 2009 Satina bought her first professional hula-hoop and began studying the art of hoop dance. Her passion for the flow arts drove her to learn as much as she could and within the year she was performing professionally. Within two more years she had multiple other prop manipulation acts added to her repertoire and now Satina performs for audiences everywhere with her hoops, poi, fans, LEDs, fire props, and more. With a history in dance and theater she has gained a knack for capturing a crowd and choreographing routines. In addition to performing, Satina currently runs a large natural foods store, makes and sells hula-hoops, and teaches performance skills to adults and kids alike.

Bethan Kannapell

Bethan Kannapell was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She spent her early years climbing trees, fences, walls, and people as well as curling up into tiny spaces such as suitcases, dryers, cupboards, and crates. Now as an adult, she still climbs the aforementioned, but she also climbs fabric and chains and crams herself into tiny boxes on stage. In May 2017, she will graduate from the Professional Performance Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) where she has trained for two years with world-famous coaches, focusing on aerial chains and partner acrobatics. She also coaches aerials, handstands, and partner acrobatics at both NECCA and Suspend Louisville. She has performed with numerous companies across the eastern half of the United States including Nimble Arts, the Cincinnati Circus Company, Asheville Vaudeville, and the VaVa Vixens. When she isn't circusing, she enjoys math and contra dancing.

Flow Camp

Peter Ginis

Peter is a muti-prop spinner with a specialization in contact staff. He truly loves flow arts and loves to share his passion with others.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle has trouble deciding which prop he likes best and therefore has a minor hoop, dance, and club juggling problem which distracts from his ball juggling. Kyle has performed and taught juggling in 9 countries and can't wait for his next adventure!

Brittany Victory

Brittany is a professional Bellydance performer and teacher based out of Nashville, Tennessee and member of the Umbra Fusion dance troupe. She has been involved in the performance arts the majority of her life, and studied multiple styles of Bellydance for the last 10 years. Brittany, along with her fellow troupe mates, have performed and taught all over the southeast, but Flow Camp is one of their favorites!

Danielle of Umbra

 Danielle is the founder and leader of Umbra Fusion Bellydance Co, which has been an active troupe since 2008. She began dancing ballet, as a young child and starting learning belly dance in Highschool. Now Danielle also teaches and performs Ballroom, Latin and swing dancing!

Danielle is a Mommy dancer and works hard to continue living out her dreams, while raising two wonderful little girls and helping their dreams come true too! She's one busy lady. 

Christen Malone

Christen has been a Louisville performer for over 8 years. She is best known for her performances with the VaVa Vixens. She's been training in aerial acrobatics for almost 2 years now, aerial rope being her apparatus of choice. She wants to share her love and knowledge with anyone willing to learn.

Pixie Pistola

Pixie Pistola is a Louisville area pole and aerial artist/instructor. She has performed all across the country for the last 4 years, is a member of Vaudeville Louisville and Suspend Performing Arts, and is the producer of "We Are the Weirdos, Mister". Pixie teaches pole and lyra at Suspend and chair dance at Freestyle Fitness. Rumor has it that she was born upside down and spinning!

Dylan Rodriguez

Dylan is a design engineer with a passion for Contact Staff manipulation. He has been training for more than 4 years, specializing with Double Contact Staff. This is his second year at Flowcamp but his first time teaching.

April Choi

April Choi has studied dance and movement arts almost all of her life. Various types of dance, martial arts and fire performance exist in her expansive repertoire of skills. She currently works as an analytical engineer in the Peoria, Illinois and travels extensively around the country teaching and performing a myriad of dance and movement classes.
April has extensive knowledge and experience in whips. With a Master’s Degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics with a focus in High Speed Compressible Multi-Phase Flows, she really understands the physics and dynamics of whips. This has allowed her to design and create some of the best whips available. Her skills with a whip have led her to teach and perform on television, at events and festivals all over the country.

Carla Samson

Carla Samson is the Creatrix of Align Divine Yoga. Carla has been teaching a variety of different movement styles from yoga, flow arts, and ecstatic dance. Carla has traveled the world learning Yogic and Shamanic philosophy and spirituality. She has been hooping, doing flow arts and acro for 7 years and is now performing and creating performance art with her partner Scott.

Michael "Prometheus" Guymon

Nicknamed ” Prometheus “ for his ability to share his passion and inspire others with his work and devotion . Michael has spent the last 10 years traveling and teaching multiple props and assisting in organizing flow fest and local education and organizing events in the community. His teaching styles encompass a style incorporating a meditative awareness . Engaging his students to remember to be present and relaxed , his understanding and studies indulge in the technical aspects of object manipulation and life. His main objective in instruction is to bring an ability to teach all learning styles.


Chrystaline is a passionate performer and teacher of multiple disciplines. She discovered the flow arts in 2014. This was an exciting discovery for her since she grew up enjoying gymnastics, dance, and cheering starting at a very young age. Her flow experience includes leviwand, hoops, fans, and staves, and fire eating. In addition, she incorporates multiple styles of dance and other movement arts into her object manipulation. Chrystal has attended multiple trainings and workshops giving her numerous hours of structured learning. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her skills with others and exposing the public to an art form that she is so passionate about.

Matthew Higdon

Matthew is intrigued by paradox.. movement/stillness, waking/dreaming/deep sleep, fullness/emptiness, oscillation/energy, order/creativity, and of course - balance. As a child he was very interested in meditation, consciousness and ESP. This lead later into research with philosophy, comparative religion and indigenous spirituality. Meditation fascination led to healing arts, internal martial arts, yoga and other mindful movements. In search of a comfortable seat, pranayama magic, and the elusive wisdom and power of the yogic trance, Matthew devoted many years to introversion and introspection. In the cocoon of intense study into the somatic and anatriptic arts, natural philosophy and psychology; he left behind a host of self defeating habits, unhealthy relationships, years of depression, and literally no exercise to humbly and earnestly progress toward healing, strength and fortitude for the dharma path. Matthew has been reinvesting just about every dollar earned back into education and experience while working as a teacher and bodyworker full time since 2007. Carefully constructing a skill set over time until seemingly tangential subjects have become parallel and contiguous, Matthew is finally synthesizing successfully the knowledge from his structural bodywork practice, yoga, conditioning, slacklining, slackro and beyond to add subtlety and safety to the experience and study. Currently endeavoring to be less serious, say less, mean more, teach abroad and slack often, Matthew is going to be seen more and more on the road and around the world. He's beyond grateful to be a member of the YogaSlackers and beyond stoked every chance he gets to play and share the adventure with other slackrobats.

Katrina Gay

Based out of Louisville, Ky, Katrina, aka Miss Kitty Von Burn, began her flow career in the magical world of Flow Camp in 2012. Starting with just a hoop, she has expanded her talents to many other props including Fans, Poi, Fire Eating, Levi Wand and more. Since then, she has traveled the midwest and east coast to teach fans and hoop and organize at many events including Flame, Kinetic, Playthink, Wildfire, Fahrenheit, Campfire, FlowMotion, NEFF, and is now your Fire Safety Director for Flow Camp. She has performed at many local events with Bourbontown Burlesque, Vaudeville Louisville, We Are The Weirdos, Va Va Vixens and as an independant artist. She was also nominated for Fan of Fans Spin-spiration for Fire Arts Magazine for 2014 and Flow Arts Institute Featured Instructor for August 2015. Like many others, Flow Arts has changed her life becoming her number one passion and being able to help spread this talent brings her more joy than she ever imagined.

2017 Instructors

Matchstick Merryweather

Matchstick Merryweather, or "Matches" performs with Lock & Key Burlesque, and she is a pure blooded side-show minx if you look at her history. Using her background of over 15 years between theater, music, dance, flow/fire arts, and overall "feminine mystique" (she is from the same city as Betty Friedan after all) , this little filly charms the pants off of her audiences (only figuratively.) She can scare the dickens out of them all the same. Experimenting with the fusion of burlesque with her other performance styles has been her main focus over the past year. Glitter and gore forever!

Alicia Dawn

Alicia is a professional aerialist and contemporary circus performer based out of Nashville, TN. Growing up with an avid love of books, Alicia later found that the performing art of contemporary circus empowered her with a physical language that brought the intangible aspects of her creative stories to life. Her passion and talent earned her a spot in the New England Center for Circus Arts professional program. Since graduation, she has performed with Girls On Trapeze, Cirque Motion, Live Dancing Girls, Wasabassco, and more, as well as helping to co-found Nashville’s original aerial group, Aerial Fabricators, and helping to launch the performance endeavor of former students (which she personally dubbed) Suspended Gravity. Her stage presence -- and unique ability to emotionally connect with her audience -- makes her diverse body of work singularly captivating. Alicia has always sought to empower others with the same physicality that brings her such joy; her enthusiasm is evident in her teaching style, as she encourages students to listen to their bodies and find their own creative voice, to explore the wonder of the amazing machinations of their own body's limitless possibilities. Taking that one step further, she is currently using her professional experience to raise awareness of social issues via Chimerical Circus. This social circus endeavours to diversify the perspectives represented in the performance world, and to use the stage as a platform for enacting meaningful change. You can find out more at AliciaDawnCircus.com or on Instagram @AliciaDawnCircus

Lola Van Ella

Lola van Ella is an international burlesque singer, dancer, producer, instructor and emcee. One of the premier names in burlesque, she performs frequently and produces many shows, including the international Show-Me Burlesque Festival, the largest of its kind in the Midwest, The Shimmy Showdown, and Spectaculaire. Lola is the CEO of Van Ella Productions and Studio, which is the home of burlesque, vaudeville and variety education and entertainment in St. Louis. She also teaches at various festivals and Universities all over the country, and often travels to bring the art of burlesque and striptease to different communities around the world. Alive Magazine named her one St. Louis' most influential people and she has been written about and featured locally in St. Louis Magazine, Vital Voice, AOL Cities Best, the Riverfront Times, The Post Dispatch and KDHX. Lola has received the 1st and 2nd runner up titles, respectively, in the Queen of Burlesque Competition 3 years in a row at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival has been voted into the top 25 performers in 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 Burlesque Performers worldwide since its inception. In reference to her performance style, 21st Century wrote, “Striptease and song is so often a marriage that doesn’t quite work. So few performers can do both to a high standard, and at the same time. But Lola is an example of how well it can be done. It’s the little gestures, winks, raising of the eyebrows and knowing smiles that make her performances special.”
As a performer, Lola has performed 3 times at Miss Exotic World has headlined the New Zealand, Colorado, Vancouver, Chicago, Kansas City, Ohio, Como Lake, and London Burlesque Festivals and in engagements and shows all over the world. Recently, Lola van Ella made headlines as a featured presenter for the largest Tedx event in St. Louis.

Siobhan Atomica

Multi-award-winning and nationally acclaimed burlesque performer, Siobhan Atomica is "Five Feet of KA-POW!" She has been a central figure in the Kentucky burlesque scene since 2008 and has brought burlesque to thousands of people in hundreds of events from coast to coast.
With over 20 years of classical training and involvement in a myriad of dance genres as well as theatre, she is a professional powerhouse entertainer and travels nationally to perform, produce and teach as well as to appear and feature at numerous burlesque festivals and competitions, music festivals, gentlemen's clubs, and theaters.
She is the headmistress of Kentucky Academy of Burlesque, the founder and producer of the Kentucky Burlesque Society and The Bluegrass Burlexpo: Kentucky Burlesque and Variety Festival, and she is the Creative Director of Vagabond Artists Collective.
Notably, she has opened for The Reverend Horton Heat, been a feature burlesque entertainer at Spearmint Rhino, she is a current feature entertainer at the world-famous Kit Kat Club, and she regularly headlines Dante's Sinferno in Portland, OR: rated one of the top 10 burlesque shows in the country. Furthermore, she has helped to raise over $30,000 for various charities through performing and producing and continues to utilize her art form as a way to help others in need.