Flow Camp

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General Information

Are children allowed at Flow Camp? Flow Camp does not have an official age limit but all classes are designed for adults. Class participants are on average 25-35 years old. Any attendees under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a participating adult. Daytime provides a farm and a playground to keep kids busy, but we ask that the kiddos go to bed by nightfall. 



What should I bring?Flow Camp is entirely outdoor. You must bring all the camping supplies you will need. We have designated camping areas in the areas surrounding the workshop locations. You may park your car near your camp site. We have been very lucky in previous years but be prepared for rain. Make sure to pack rain boots so the fun can continue if we get a little wet. Bringing a watch is very helpful when switching to the next workshop. Bring lots of water! Our schedule is full of workshops that involve physical movement. You must stay hydrated. Drinkable water is available via pumps on the farm, but you are responsible for providing water for yourself. 

What should I wear? Kentucky's weather in September is very diverse. It can be 90 degrees during the day and 40 degrees at night. The best way to be prepared for Flow Camp and its diverse temperature is to dress in layers. Hiking, yoga, or dance style attire is the most appropriate. Be prepared to move. 

I am a beginner. Will I be able to keep up? Flow Camp is designed with beginners in mind. We offer a wide variety of classes. We strive to remain beginner friendly while keeping the attention of attendees well into their practice. If you want to try a class that you do not own a prop for, there will be vendors on site selling props. You can also look up tutorials on YouTube on how to make a practice prop.

Are there bathrooms and showers onsite? ​Yes. There is a "potty barn" on site that provides indoor bathroom space. There are also solar shower stalls with running water in the showers and sinks. Bring your own towels and toiletries. 

Are food vendors available? Flow Camp provides a food booth that serves everything from BBQ to vegan meals. Food on the menu ranges from $3-$10. You can also prepay for an "Express Lunch" and get a delicious high protein vegetarian meal with two sides on Friday and Saturday. Click HERE for more information. 

What happens if it rains? The property has a few locations that provide cover. We have been able to continue classes by sharing those spaces with multiple classes. In event of rain, it is up to the instructors to determine if it is safe for your class to continue. No refunds will be issued due to weather. 

Are there any stores or hotels around the event? There is a small town 7 miles away from the location of the event. There is a CVS, Wal-Mart and dollar store available. The nearest hotels can be found HERE.

Will first aide be provided? Flow Camp will provide a First Aid booth for all attendees. The booth will be attended by volunteers certified for First Aid. We will provide help with any basic needs but will not provide any medicine or anything beyond first response. You are responsible for entering activities at your own risk. 

Are there any other rules at Flow Camp? Flow Camp has a very strict "no open container" policy on the premises. Please do not bring any glass to the farm. Do not carry alcoholic containers into any of the main areas of the event. Any illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my dog? Only service dogs are allowed. The farm is home for a herd of farm dogs that like to join the fun at Flow Camp. They will volunteer to cuddle you by the fire to keep you warm and serve as a great alarm clock when they take a lap around the farm to make sure you get to class on time. Be careful to put your food up and not to feed the beagles, or they will not leave your side the rest of the weekend.